Dancing On The Ruins Of Desperation


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We've recorded this stuff in different sessions throughout the year. Most of this was captured in our rehearsal room. However, we owe big cheers to our buddies at A-Park Recording for being so patient with a drunkard pretending to be a drummer. Also big thx to Marius for mixing the stuff and Role at Tonmeisterei for the mastering process.


released October 2, 2013

Guitars & Vocals: Tobias
Bass & Vocals: Frederik
Drums: Florian



all rights reserved


HRTLND Paderborn, Germany

Heartland is a punkrock band from Paderborn, Germany. We love what we do.

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Track Name: Forgotten Memories
Sometimes I feel like a magnet
attracting all the shit around me
but I know that I can take it
even if I have to bleed
and there are times I feel infected
by a random gaze of beauty
but these things can’t be protected
cause in the end we all head on

From destination to start zero
like racers in reverse
no time to take a breath
no minute to reflect
‘bout memories behind us
‘bout a long forgotten love
and friends who’ve passed away

But all these days I will remember
when the time for me is right
to dig deep in my heart
and let it all come out
I see the hard times that have faded
and all the good times in between
But this is all so far away

There are certain words and phrases
they appear from time to time
slowly crawling up
from my heart into the world
reminding me of situations
long gone and pushed away
to never come again yeah yeah
Track Name: Restless and Aimless
my last train derailed
now I'm waiting for someone to take me by the hand
we're all in this desert of thoughts
we don't know what we will stand for
but it's hard to realize and to recognize
that we're restless and aimless in our lives
it'll be hard to handle it but we will go for it
before we get lost

I still hate this life for treating me the way it does
but back then I was way too tired to resist

it took some time to get me back on my feet
right now I'm standing here defeating the defeat
with every word I said and every salty tear I lost
I tried to force a change in my life
Track Name: Roam Around
When the sun goes down
into a lonely ocean
the sky is spreading
colors of all kinds
When the moon comes up
and the daylight fades
the time has come
for me to roam around

The doors slam shut
no soul is out to meet
I don’t give in
keep lookin’ for what I need

I graze this city
every corner, every street
rush through the lanes
and arrive where I came from
Restart my journey
although I know
I’ll end up
with the same result again

no orientation
no sense for where I am
no sight of content
to fill the hole I’m sinking in

Without a goal in my life I roam around and I bet
It’s the same for you
everyday all alone and no one cares
about you
Track Name: People Without History
If you think of what we’ve done in the names of gods and crowns
filling seas of blood and toil on foreign soil

Away from home white men in rage for atrocities destroying lives.
A genocide against humanity without morality

Got no respect only their guns to conquer lands to dig the grounds
destroy the earth to refine cash a culture clash

An untouched world from ancient times don’t need to write their civil rights
these people are proud to be “without history”

But centuries of stamping down
cannot suppress the iron will
of peaceful people demanding freedom
for their culture and heritage
‘cause the definition of dignity
demands the people without history
‘cause the definition of history
demands the people without dignity
Track Name: Prison
Breaking out of this dark cell
destroy the iron chain
we all here have our prison
that we’re trying to escape
been stuck here for ages
been waiting an eternity
but today I’m getting out
and I leave broken doors behind

cause it’s a prison that we call life
and we all try to be free
so get up, grab your things together
and flee
Run down to the horizon
leave your shadow for the night
‘cause we’re young, we’re free
and we’re doin’ alright

What are you demanding?
What do you want from life?
Sittin’ around and working 9 to 5,
on vacation once or twice?
This is not the intention
so stop foolin’ yourself!
Grab your luggage, pick your favorite book
and leave everything else behind.

Too much entertainment
artificial guards for your cell
C’mon get it, it is so simple
just switch it off and run away
yeah tear it down and strife for more!
Track Name: What does it mean?
you think it's cute to make your twins wear the same clothes
to cut your lawn twice to make the neighbor jealous
your fucking job is usual business everyday
and your hundred words per minute make you feel so good
you're sitting with tons of red wine in those fancy new café's
talking about what's new and those bums who are oh-so lazy
and you think it would be the best for all of us when
strangers are getting deported and homosexuals are getting shot

sweater on your shoulders - suburban lifestyle celebrated
what does s-t-r-e-e-t mean to you?

there's one more thing that fucks me up these days
all these stupid bastards with their "neon"-knowledge
do they really think they're intellectually special
with their complexes and their mendacity